Hi there,

Raia TV is a free to air channel on the Pang Signal. We are not officially on any Pay TV decoder. However, depending on your area and location and how strong your decoder is and ours being a free to air channel, some Pay TV decoders are able to also access our channel.

You might therefore also get us on Channel 803 on GoTV or on Channel 126 on Bamba¬†or Channel 170 on StarTimes. No one has been able to access it on Zuku or DSTv. We being a free to air channel basically means, if you have a digital box or a TV that has a digital box, you can just connect an aerial at the back of your digital box or digital TV, scan and you’ll get our channel in the updated list of channels (channel 170 mostly) in the Pang list of channels.

For now, you have to be in Nairobi, Mombasa, Kisumu, Nakuru, Nyeri or Meru.
Plans are underway to reach the whole country and also to be in major decoders.

Thank you.

For any more inquiries please call our office number 0700330120 or email raia@raiatv.com